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12 months. 12 sports. Watch as your Sporty Kid earns badges and points for trying and learning multiple sports. Be active. Earn Points. Enjoy rewards..

What is the Sporty Kid challenge?

Kids love a challenge, and the thrill of learning something new is so important for the confidence we want to see grow in our kids as they turn into adults. The challenge is all about getting kids to be more active by encouraging them to try multiple sports throughout the year. Trying new activities and earning badges and points for completing them. Watching their points total grow as they do more with their personalized activity cards. And the chance to get some fun rewards along the way. Let’s make sure our kids think it’s more fun to try new sports than it is to play games on a phone.

Be active

The statistics on Canadian children’s fitness levels are shockingly bad as kids spend more time with their parents phones and less time running around with friends. Only 35% of kids ages 5-17 meet Canada’s physical activity guidelines, which are essentially 60 minutes of exercise a day. 41% of girls between the ages of 3-17 DON'T participate in sport. In total, 70% of kids stop playing organized sports by age 13. Kids who play multiple sports tend to be happier, healthier and more successful as adults.

Being active for at least 60 minutes daily has HUGE benefits for kids, including:

  • Improving their health

  • Sleeping better at night

  • Doing better in school

  • Improving their fitness

  • Growing stronger (be proud of those muscles!)

  • Having fun playing with friends and learning about teamwork

  • Feeling happier (mental health is so important!)

  • Maintaining a healthy body weight

  • Improving their self-confidence, especially with overcoming obstacles

  • Learning new skills

  • Reducing risk of chronic diseases like diabetes or heart conditions

Active kids becoming active adults is so important for our society! Let’s do better with building physical literacy in every child.

I hope the Sporty Kid makes it easier for you as a parent to get your kids to try new sports this year. Up for the challenge of getting them to try 12 sports in 12 months?

Earn points

Watch your kids motivation grow as they earn badges and points for each activity completed. You can track their personalized points card on your My Account page, and share it with them as well as with friends and family on social media.

Enjoy rewards

As the point totals grow, kids can earn fun rewards to keep them motivated and getting stronger.

Get started

I created The Sporty Kid to offer busy parents an easier way to explore and book great local activity experiences at affordable prices, letting your kids try all sorts of new sports. Sign up today and take up the challenge of 12 sports in 12 months! I know they can do it.